Motor Slide Base

The primary purpose of the sliding base is to allow customers to adjust the position of the motor to ensure proper tension on their belt equipment.

About Motor Slide Base

Motor slide bases are unique mounting bases for electric motors. It is designed to make adjustments and regular tightening of the belt easy. This reduces downtime. Plus, you can make adjustments without removing the shield. This sliding base is compatible with motors with NEMA standard frames.
The motor sliding base is suitable for various motors. They provide accurate lateral adjustment. These sliding bases also help extend the life of chains, friction drives, and drive belts. They can be used in applications involving heavy or small motors. Motor slide bases are designed to hold the engine in a stable position while maximizing the life of the drive belt, chain, and friction drives.
Motor slide bases are available in a variety of designs. There are single-screw bases and double-screw positioning bases. Single-screw adjustable bases are cheaper and have a single adjustable screw. The dual-screw positioning base has two adjustable screws below the motor feet for greater flexibility. 

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Our premium high-strength steel motor carriages are dimensionally compatible with other manufacturers’ brands and can be used to mount NEMA standard motors. The high-strength steel base is coated with a high-quality primer for durability. The sliding base design simplifies motor adjustment, alignment, and positioning. They are ideal for fine motor positioning, belt-tightening, and alignment applications. All of our sliding bases come with washers, and all D-bolts (motor mounting bolts) are welded to the motor’s exact foot type and location to prevent rotation and falling out of the slot while also making motor installation easier.

motor slide base

Automatic motor mounts are ideal for problematic applications including: rock breakers, shakeouts, shakers and fans.

• Extends belt and motor bearing life by 3 to 5 times
• Improve energy efficiency
• Maintain optimum belt tension for optimum performance
• Quick, easy and less frequent belt adjustments
• Reduce time spent on routine maintenance
• Spring-controlled tension reduces the burden on belts and bearings
• Allows dynamic belt tensioning during operation.

These bases are ideal for most applications, including remote sites. The space-saving pancake design is spring-loaded and requires little maintenance. Belt tension is automatically adjusted when operating under any load (constant or variable). Run in any position, clockwise or counterclockwise, and maintain rated speed while increasing belt and bearing life.

motor slide base
motor slide base

Why do you need motor slides?

No matter where you find a drive belt, chain, or friction drive, you’ll find a need for re-tensioning. Over time, vibration and friction can cause a machine’s motor or belt to slip or wear out unnecessarily. The best way to fix this is to make sure your motor can be adjusted to compensate for these problems by using the motor slide base or rails. Possible applications for these products include pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors, spring-loaded or vibration isolation mechanisms, and more.


What is the purpose of the sliding base?

Motor slide bases are used for fans, conveyor belts, and any other process involving belt tensioning. Due to temperature and belt strength changes, belt tension must be adjusted to keep the machine running at maximum efficiency. Even the most experienced engineer can take up to an hour to adjust the motor slides.

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The benefits of motor slides

No matter where you find a drive belt, chain, or friction drive, you’ll find a need for re-tensioning. Over time, vibration and friction can cause mechanical motors or belts to slip or wear out unnecessarily. The best way to fix this is to make sure your motor can be adjusted to compensate for these problems by using the motor slide mount.
Possible applications for these products include pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors, spring-loaded or vibration isolation mechanisms, and more.


Build/Install of Motor Slide Base:

The carriage is a one-piece steel mounting unit (with floor mounting holes and adjustable motor mounting bolts). When installed, the base should be firmly anchored as close as possible to its working position. The motor should then be placed on the sliding base and the belt system configured. Position the motor to give the proper tension to the belt, then screw the motor into place.

The improved base for increased strength and durability

After years of using adjustable motor mounts on hundreds of blower sets, our company has developed several upgrades that make the motor mounts more durable and easier to use. Starting with a standard motor base, our manufacturing team made the following modifications:


  • Welded Corners – The formed corners of the bare sliding base are welded together to increase the durability and strength of the entire base
  • Pushing Bolts – Nuts are welded to the base with 6″ galvanized steel bolts on two opposing corners. These push bolts are used to help position the motor and adjust the alignment without putting pressure on the adjustment screws, which can easily come off.
  • Durable Paint Finish – After modification, the base receives Sherwin, rust and corrosion-resistant phenolic alkyd primer.

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Motor slide base made of steel

Steel Motor Slide Bases are an easy replacement for regular slides. The motor is mounted directly on the mounted motor sliding vase, and the belt drive is stretched on the base level of the sliding base. Installation takes less time, and setup is easier. Another advantage is that the sliding base is easy to handle and lightweight.

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