Zh4 Series IEC Electric DC Motor with Brush Mainly for Dusty Environment

Zh4 Series IEC Electric DC Motor with Brush Mainly for Dusty Environment

ZH4 Series IEC CZPT DC Motor with Brush mainly for Dusty Setting

ZH4 series motor is primarily employed in dusty setting or on equipment for driving, as nicely as for metallic slicing equipment.

CZPT Description

  • Body measurements: 112-200                 
  • Rated output: one.5-55kW
  • Insulation course: F                    
  • Obligation cycle: S1     
  • Excitation manner: Independent excitation     
  • Voltage: 440V – 400V                   
  • Ration velocity: 3000,1500,a thousand,750,600r/min

Regular and very good pace regulation program which has wide velocity assortment lessen velocity by decreasing the voltage with consistent torque or elevate speed by lowering interesting area recent with continual electricity large output electricity excellent overload capability safety quality IP44 or over, cooling strategy IC411 or IC416 phase considerably less pace regulation.

Altitude not exceeds 1000m ambient temperature no higher than +40ºC motor can be connected to rectifier power or DC generator the standard excitation voltage is 180V, bolstered excitation is permitted whereas its voltage can’t be higher than 500V.

Designation of Varieties

1,The protection degree offered by motor enclosure and mounting arrangement
 a. Protection degree IP44 or IP54.
 b. Frame with feet, and the set up kind are IMB3,IMB35,IMB5,IMV1,IMV15.

2,Terminal box is at the prime of the frame from the look at from DE.
3,Linked with flexible coupling
4,Cooling technique
   Totally enclosed, cooling strategy is IC411 or IC416
   *IC411 motor can get to step much less pace regulation from min speed 300r/min (continual power) to max pace (constant output energy)
   *IC416 motor can achieve action considerably less pace regulation from min speed 20r/min (continuous energy) to max speed (constant output electricity)

Purchase Description
*Specify the motor variety, electrical power, voltage, rotation pace, thrilling voltage, cooling strategy, shaft quantity, terminal box position etc.
*Specify the auxiliary gadget sort, specification, quantity and many others.
*When the motor operates in humid subjects, make mark of “TH” guiding first motor variety
*If the motor on the sample e-book can not fulfill clients’ requirement, numerous motor of other technological prerequisite are also CZPT. Speak to the producer directly.

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Zh4 Series IEC Electric DC Motor with Brush Mainly for Dusty Environment