Tk Series Synchronous Motor for Drive Compressors and Pumps Tk4000-16 2600 4000kw 10kv IP20

Tk Series Synchronous Motor for Drive Compressors and Pumps Tk4000-16 2600 4000kw 10kv IP20

I. Overview
The large three-period synchronous motor for TK collection air compressor is a substantial-performance sequence item specifically designed and developed by our company for the load of air compressor.
This series of motors adopts new engineering, new materials, new procedures, beautiful substance variety, and advanced manufacturing. It has the characteristics of little dimension, mild weight, stunning look, substantial performance, lower noise, reduced vibration, protected and reliable procedure, and handy use and servicing.

2. Implementation standards
GB755 Rotating Motor Ranking and Overall performance
Classification of GB/T997 rotary motor construction variety, installation type and junction box placement (IM code)
GB/T1571 3-phase synchronous motor test method
GB/T1993 Rotating Machine Cooling Technique
GB/ Protection course (IP) classification of the all round composition of rotating electrical devices
GB/T10068 The measurement, analysis and limit of mechanical vibration with a shaft centre height of 56mm and previously mentioned
GB/T10069 Rotating Machine Sounds Measurement Method and Restrict
JB/ CZPT Situations of Big A few-section Synchronous Motor Component one: TK Collection
3. Fundamental technical parameters

Power selection: 250~10000KW
Rated voltage: 6000, 10000V
Rated velocity: 250, 273, 300, 333, 375, 428, five hundred, 600r/min
Rated frequency: 50HZ
Protection level: IP00, IP20, IP23, IP44
Insulation class: F
Quota: SI
Cooling strategy: IC01, IC37, IC81W
Set up method: IM7311, IM5710, IM7312, IM7315
*Can be manufactured according to other parameters according to user needs
Four, technical characteristics The structural layout is realistic, protected and reliable, and the capacity to step out of stage is strong.
four.2 The main insulation composition utilizing new insulating components has large voltage resistance and lengthy motor life.
4.3 The temperature rise margin is huge. The motor adopts F-class insulation, and the temperature increase is assessed according to the temperature increase limit of the B pole insulation.
four.four The defense gadget is sophisticated and complete. The stator windings and bearings are geared up with temperature detection devices, which can detect, alarm and vacation.
4.4.2 Shutdown place heater with anti-condensation result.
four.five Big inertia. Motors with distinct moments of inertia can be made in accordance to consumer demands.
Five, composition sort

five.1 The all round construction of this collection of motors is welded with metal plates for the body, finish go over, and bottom plate. The motor is an impartial cavity, and the slip ring can be made with various defense stages according to person needs.
five.two Stator: The stator body is welded by steel plate. The motor stator outlet is led out by a substantial-voltage rubber cable. The outlet situation can be led out from the reduced part of the foundation or from the primary junction box on the side of the motor.
The stator main is superimposed by reduced-reduction silicon steel sheets, and the main sections are divided by radial air flow ducts.
The stator winding is F quality insulation, and the temperature increase is assessed in accordance to B quality to assist prolong the support lifestyle. It adopts VPI general dipping paint treatment method, which has high electrical performance, mechanical power, insulation overall performance, dampness resistance and thermal balance.
5.3 The rotor magnetic pole core is created of laminated metal plates, and has diverse buildings this kind of as magnetic pole screws and T tails. The rotor bracket has air flow holes and is geared up with a supporter, which can effectively handle the temperature increase of the rotor.
five.4 Adopt seat sort spherical sliding bearing. The bearings are insulated to prevent shaft currents.
Use new lubricating oil and skinny-walled bearing alloy tiles, and set electromagnetic centerline indications.
5.5 According to person requirements, the slip ring can be developed as a constructive stress ventilation structure to improve the security of the motor. The whole duration of the motor with the positive stress ventilation framework of the slip ring is somewhat enhanced.
six. Conditions of Use Voltage fluctuation: ±5% (It can operate underneath ±10% under the circumstances of 7.3 in GB755)
6.two Frequency fluctuation: ±2%
six.3 The altitude does not exceed 1000m
6.four The maximum ambient temperature does not exceed +40ºC, and the bare minimum is 0ºC.
7, design description

Outer diameter of stator punch (Φ2150mm)

Number of poles (16 poles)

Rated energy (1250KW)
3-section synchronous motor for compressor
eight. Buying instructions
eight.1 Before positioning an order, please refer to the item catalog of this sequence to make clear the needed item model, specs and other info. If there is a discrepancy in between the requirements and the samples, make sure you make contact with our organization.
8.two The motor model, rated electricity, synchronous speed, rated voltage, rated frequency, safety level, second of inertia, rotation path, installation variety, and so on. need to be indicated when buying.
8.3 The sample technical knowledge sheet only lists the appropriate information of motors with rated voltages of 6KV and 10KV. If end users need other voltage amounts, our business can also offer related complex knowledge when purchasing.
8.4 The complex knowledge and proportions in the sample are only for reference when the consumer selects the model. The formal details will be supplied by the organization after the deal or complex arrangement is signed.
8.5 If there are any other special needs, remember to provide the demands and indicator the relevant complex arrangement when ordering.

Tk Series Synchronous Motor for Drive Compressors and Pumps Tk4000-16 2600 4000kw 10kv IP20