Three-Phase Asynchronous Servo Motor Motor Industrial Equipment

Three-Phase Asynchronous Servo Motor Motor Industrial Equipment

                                                       High Quality Three-stage Asynchronous Servo Motor 
The DSM sequence spindle servo motor is a servospindle motor created by our company in the fields of CNC device instruments, plastics, shearing machinery, and so forth. for numerous many years, mixed with the style ideas of innovative motors at house and board, and completely used multi-dimensional electromagnetic field evaluation technology.
In accordance to the load gear the mechanical fusion qualities of the A series are subdivided into two sequence. The A sequence is a transient response type, which has the charcteristics of lower inertia, quick response pace, and high performance. The B series is a powerful torque overload sort, which has brief-phrase or periodic powerful overload capability to recognize the powerful torque output of the motor. Cooperating with the driver can offer far more steady and accurate torque, speed and position handle.
Motor Mounting dimensions:

Motor Specification Paremeter

Motor Characteristic Curve:


Project  Specification
Motor Three-stage Asynchronous Servo Motor 
Rated Voltage  CZPT 380V: other Voltages can be CZPT
Rated Electrical power one.1-110KW
Reference Frequency  16.7,20,twenty five,33.three,fifty,sixty,100HZ
Rated Speed  five hundred,600,750,a thousand,1500,2000,3000r/min 
Installation method  B3 horizontal installation B5 vertical installation B35 Vertical and horizatal installation 
Ingress defense IP54/IP55
Insulation F
Vibration  R(downgrade)
Cooling method  IC416A impartial fan forced air cooling 
Environment requirement  -15ºC-40ºC, Humidity underneath eighty%RH 

 Ordering instructing:
1.The get should specify the merchandise product, rated electricity, rated voltage, rated speed, speed range(constand torque), junction box location and set up kind,and so forth.
2.if you have unique requirements, following equally sides talks issue in excess of, can give the amount of other ,other construction an set up of motor, also can match different encoder, temperature sensor, and many others.


Three-Phase Asynchronous Servo Motor Motor Industrial Equipment