Three Layer Corrugated Cardboard Production Line

Three Layer Corrugated Cardboard Production Line


3/five/seven Layer Corrugated Carton Paperboard Production Line

Corrugated Cardboard Generation line

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Use and characteristic:
The assembly line for automated mass creation, can produce good countrywide common corrugated cardboard, large performance, great good quality board to get centralized handle, easy operation, straightforward maintenance, protection and dependability, tremendously reduced the labor depth. The creation line using the most recent global vitality-conserving way to supply large temperature warmth resource Daore You to equipment than the steam heating strength cost savings above sixty%, drastically decreasing electricity intake, effectively diminished the cost of creation, is the perfect item for modern financial system and medium-sized carton manufacturing unit.

1. The overall duration of integral machine is 68 meters.
2. Complete Energy is 150KW.
3. Shaftless holder: CZPT arms for completely up and down.
four. Laminator: Undertake electromagnetic altering motor
5. Two roller gluer: Use on glossy paper in the base two layers of adhesive roller guidebook

6. Dryer: Overall size ten meters, is made up of 14 parts of heating board. Pneumatic unit, different automatically when electrical power off
seven. Molding Element: Such as 27 pairs of molding shaft
8. Slitter: Decide on widespread knife or thin knife in accordance to customer’s request, very computerized and effortless operation
9. Reducing equipment: Into the pc and mechanical solitary-pole one-pole overall of 4 optional implies for customers to decide on.
ten. Boiler (self), coal usage a hundred and twenty kg / hr

 CZPT mill roll stand

Structural Attributes:

  1. The composition is double rotary shafts with four arms support two paper roll on both arms at the very same time, could load or unload paper mill rolls non-cease.
  2. CZPT control the paper roll upward or downward, still left change or correct shift, tighten or loosen, centering.
  3. Brake adjusting by ventilating disc-type pneumatic brake program. (3point)
  4. Equipped with twin-phase springiness chucks, size: three/4 inch

CZPT parameter:

  1. Management variety: complete hydraulic
  2. Functioning width: 800-2200mm
  3. 1-side load diameter: ¢350-¢1500mm
  4. 1-side load bodyweight: 3500KG
  5. principal axis diameter: ¢270mm
  6. Functioning electrical power need: 380V 50HZ

CZPT control system:

  1. Operating pressure: sixteen-18Mpa
  2. Cylinder functioning spot(upward or downward): ¢100X440mm
  3. Cylinder doing work area(still left change or proper shift, tighten or loosen): ¢63X1300mm
  4. CZPT station power: 4KW

Magnetic valve electric powered require: 380V 50HZ


Structural Attributes:  

  1. Preheater cylinder in accordance with the first course national strain vessel regular, and supply pressure vessel certification and inspection certificate.
  2. Surface area of every cylinder is effectively grinding and plated chrome, sleek, sturdy.
  3. CZPT changing the wrapping angle, the preheating spot is adjustable, assortment is 265o
  4. Wrapping angle changing by twin-phase reduction equipment, with self-locking perform
  5. The seal head of the cylinder is discal type.

CZPT parameter:

  1. Max functioning width: 2200mm
  2. Preheater cylinder:  ¢900mm

    Rotary shaft:  ¢110mmX2

  1. Steam temperature: one hundred fifty-200 oC
  2. steam force : .8-1.3Mpa
  3. Operating energy: 380V 50HZMotor power: 250W

Fingerless solitary facer 

Structural Features:

  1. Paper feeding: fingerless vacuum suction, with substantial stress strong draught fan. With silencer, air offer and electric control concentrate on the exact same operation counters, not considerably less than 1.5m absent from the primary engine, operation side is completely closed and total guarding.
  2. Engine base and wall plate: iron casting construction, thickness of the wall plate: 150mm, undertake independent speed shifting box, and gimbal transmission.
  3. Diameter of main corrugated roll: ¢320mm, and are made of 48CrMo alloy steel, following hardening and tempering, inner holes wonderful dull, NC grinding, mid frequency quenching, floor grinding, the rigidity of area is higher than HRC58. Corrugated roll and stress roll of pivotal segment undertake warmth resisting bearings which are produced by TWB
  4. Stress roll diameter: ¢340mm, floor are grinding and plate chrome, cylinder manage up-down, raw substance is 45# medium carbon steel, hardening and tempering
  5. Glue wall plates undertake sliding framework, pneumatic control glue offer and glue back, diameter of the applicator glue roll : ¢242mm, area are dealt with by polished and chrome plated.
  6. Push roll undertake ¢160 cylinder
  7. Pre-heater roll undertake seamless metal pipe which is produced by ZheJiang Iron & steel team co,.ltd. Diameter ¢400mm, are all connected with metal comfortable pipe.

CZPT parameter:

  1. Functioning width: 2200mm
  2. Operation path: remaining or appropriate
  3. Layout pace: 150m/min
  4. Temperature scope: 160-220 C
  5. Pneumatic doing work strain: .4-.9Mpa
  6. Steam strain: .eight-one.3Mpa
  7. Flute profile (UV variety or UVV type)

Parameter of Principal roll:

  1. Diameter of corrugated roll: ¢320mm
  2. Diameter of strain roller: ¢340mm
  3. Diameter of applicator glue roll: ¢242mm
  4. Diameter of preheater roll: ¢400mm

Overhead bridge

Structural functions:

  1. Main body are linked with channel metal, joist metal and angle steel
  2. Both facet are equipped with risk-free guardrail and secure herringbone pedal, the procedure plate is geared up with safe escalator to make sure the basic safety of worker and practical procedure
  3. Independent variable frequency motor lifting mechanism, PVC conveyer belt transmit, the solitary corrugated board from regular flute profiles.
  4. Surface area of all rollers are grinding and plated chrome.
  5. Vacuum suction pressure manage, aspiration channel: 5inches, install regulation valve, the air quantity can be altered stepless.
  6. A single set of electromotion correction system, correction baffle adopt double guide publish positioning , lead screw travel, resolve place quickly and exact, transmit continual.
  7. Electromotion management putting in two group of procedure plate, upper and decrease bridge can be adjusted arbitrarily, it is hassle-free and fast
  8. With large power composite board on the entire bridge, sleek and tough, little friction, reduce the resistance of paper board transmission.

CZPT parameter:

  1. Operating width: 2200mm
  2. Procedure route: left or appropriate
  3. Peak of prime: 4500mm
  4. Design and style speed: 150m/min

Parameter of roller diameter::

  1. Diameter of upper paper roll and rigidity roll: ¢130mm
  2. Diameter of paper conveyer roll: ¢180mm
  3. Diameter of initiative rigidity roller: ¢85mm
  4. Diameter of transmission paper roll and guiding paper roll: ¢111mm
  5. Diameter of higher paper towing axis: ¢110mm

Motor and electric equipment parameter:

  1. Solitary corrugated paper ascension motor: 3KW(variable frequency motor) 380V 50HZ proceeds (S1) operating method
  2. Overhead suction draugh enthusiast: 3KW 380V 50HZ continues (S1) working method

Paperboard width altering motor: 250W 380V 50HZ proceeds (S1) working technique

Gluing device

Framework characteristic

  1. Following hardening and tempering, the surface area of glue applicator roller are taken care of by gap precessing and unique mesh snicked, paste homogeneously, considerably less glue use
  2. The rotation of pasting roll is managed by variable frequency motor and frequency conversion. Controlling assure the linear pace of pasting roller be in phase with double facer, also can operate independently.
  3. Electromotion changing the glue good quality, with electronic show
  4. Vehicle-circulating source glue, can handle the quantity of glue properly, and avoid the glue deposited, great glue use and preserve glue
  5. Area all roll are grinded and plated chrome
  6. undertake impartial variable frequency motor
  7. Adopt roll sort encoder to evaluate velocity signal of double facer, so as to realized data that run in step with it.
  8. The glue equipment undertake human-pc interface to screen, can set related knowledge, function conveniently and quickly
  9. Can alter the amount of glue automatically in accordance to the creation pace, in automated mode, can do manual good adjustment, the operation is quite handy.
  10. CZPTal tools designing and creating development engineering are according to nationwide common, much less failure rate, effortless to preserve

CZPT parameter

  1. Max functioning width: 2200mm
  2. Operation course: left or right.
  3. Design and style pace: 150m/min
  4. Pneumatic technique: .4-.9Mpa

Parameter of roller diameter:

  1. Diameter of pasting roll: ¢269mm
  2. Diameter of medical doctor roll: ¢140mm
  3. Diameter of lower preheater roll: ¢402mm
  4. Diameter of upper preheater roll: ¢374mm
  5. Diameter of transmission roll: ¢110mm

Hefty sort double facer

  1. Surface area of heating board is grinding, the width of heating board is 600mm, total 18PCS, the duration of cooling circumstance-hardened elements is 6300mm, the heating board is manufactured of container board, in accordance with the first class national force vessel regular, and give pressure vessel certificate and inspection certificate.
  2. Heating board undertake the framework of intensive large push shoes 
  3. Up and down of the stress roll undertake pneumatic thermal shoe type construction
  4. Left-right corrective adjustment of higher transmission belt automatic adjustment, higher transmission belt is composed of 2 sets of tension system, 1 established is handbook variety(wonderful adjustment), and one more is pneumatic adjustment (rapid).
  5. Warmth-conducting pipes of heating board management the temperature in diverse area and digital display the temperature
  6. Higher cotton belt undertake double cylinder S variety cotton belt tensioning device.
  7. Reduce cotton belt adopt S kind manual correcting tensioning structure, concise and practical, with one particular set of handbook fantastic-tuning sort gadget.
  8. Surface of driving roll is attached with put on-resisting rubber, kind herringbone construction, with drum, incorporate guarantee to output paperboard sleek
  9. Driving elements adopt unbiased velocity alter box, wheel gear is manufactured of ZG-five hundred# solid metal, and wheel gear adopt oil-immersed lubrication, with liquid meter display
  10. CZPTal components adopts worldwide well-known manufacturer, the gadget functioning stably and function reliable
  11. Principal driving motor adopt frequency conversion vitality-saving motor, reduced velocity and large torque, vast velocity-changing range, dependable to use and simple to sustain.
  12. Inside of of heating board adopt clapboard isolation structure, and enable steam type S sort flow route, separate h2o and steam to make their capabilities much more obviously, so as to boost the utilization charge of steam
  13. Principal frame undertake higher-intensitive national CZPT sections, company construction, gorgeous exterior, suitable to function in higher velocity

CZPT parameter:

  1. Max operating width: 2200mm
  2. Operation route: left or appropriate
  3. Max velocity: 150m/min
  4. Temperature need: a hundred and sixty-200 oC   steam force: .eight-1.3Mpa
  5. Pneumatic stress: .6-.9Mpa
  6. Duration of cooling case-harden areas: 6300mm
  7. Amount of heating board: 18PCS

Parameter of roll diameter:

  1. Diameter of higher driving roll: ¢860mm
  2. Diameter of reduced driving roll: ¢640mm
  3. Diameter of front driving belt roll: ¢321mm
  4. Diameter of back again case-hardened driving roller: ¢215mm
  5. Diameter of urgent roller: ¢70mm
  6. Diameter of circumstance-hardened carrier roll: ¢86mm
  7. Diameter of upper belt tension roller: ¢130mm
  8. Diameter of higher belt deviation-altering roll: ¢124mm
  9. Diameter of reduced belt pressure roll: ¢130mm
  10. Diameter of lower belt carrier roll: ¢130mm

Skinny Blade Slitting Equipment

Makes use of and Features

  1. Automated go up and down, electric changing the blade distance, delta inverter manage
  2. The equipment as an essential component of corrugated cardboard to full slicing and creasing,
  3. The device is equipped with electrical axial displacement device, powerful cooperation of paper offset
  4. Manually adjust the cardboard technical specs, simple and useful
  5. Transmission of the synchronous belt, higher precision
  6. Slender knife slicing part undertake reducing equipment, cardboard incision degree off is sleek CZPT crashing collapsing Pneumatic sharpening this component to attain manufacturing procedure to be automated and handbook sharpening, sharpening time and clearance can be established to make sure the blade, time blade sharp.

CZPT parameters

  1. Scoring velocity: 150m/min
  2. Max slitting width: 2200mm
  3. Max slitting thickness: 11mm
  4. The axial displacement: ±65mm
  5. Slitting&scoring composed type:4 blade 6 scores
  6. Machine dimension(mm):3000×1000×2100mm
  7. Overall power: 7.5KW
  8. Blade diamter:φ200mm(HangCZPT of china)
  9. Blade thickness: ≤1.3mm
  10. Min slitting width:140mm
  11. Min scoring width:35mm

  NC cutoff  


  1. Operating WIDTH: 2200MM
  2. Layout DPEED: 150M/MIN
  3. Working Velocity: 120M/MIN
  4. Reducing Duration Selection: five hundred-9999MM
  5. Chopping PRECISION: +/- 1MM (constant speed)
  6. Knife shaft diameter: φ240 mm
  7. Machine wallboard width: 900mm
  8. CZPT electrical power: 380V 50HZ 38A
  9. Complete equipment overall electricity: eighteen.5KW
  10. All round dimension: 4050mm×1550mm×1920mm(LxWxH)

Composition functions:

  1. Spacial framework style, substantial energy mechanical wallboard and foundation, geared up with Standpoint window on the wallboard, easy check out and operation
  2. Transmission program undertake oil pump car cycle lubrication, insure transmission precision
  3. Adopt substantial precision, large hardness gear, ideal for higher speed running, long operating lifestyle, insure edge of knife precision meshing, corrugated board steady no deckle edge
  4. Large precision knife shaft, device rest design, substantial speed chopping quite regular
  5. All method according C.E normal design and production, soon after stringent industrial computer tests, insure the high quality of merchandise, long operating lifestyle, more steady
  6. Generate device adopt AC servo drivingGermany KEBY driverZheJiang XIHU (WEST LAKE) DIS. motor, higher high quality, quickly motion and large precision
  7. Technique geared up with auto detection function can avoid some dilemma cased by abnormal operation and mis-operation cause equipment decline
  8. Laptop can according the dimensions of corrugated board and generation velocity computerized adjusting reducing accelerated velocity, vehicle keep track of the creation speed, hold synchronous
  9. Personal computer can keep 999 team get, and automobile complete in get or in accordance Priority Circumstances
  10. Slicing size: five hundred-9999mm, reducing precision: +/- 1mm
  11. Spiral Blade made in HangCZPT

  Raw Material and purchased-in elements:

  1. Two aspect wallboard and base material: HT200 casting iron
  2. Higher and lower knife-shaft: forty five# metal
  3. Blade content: W18crv5Co5 (high pace tool steel)
  4. Gear Material: 42CrMnTi fantastic grinding , hardening and tempering, precision up to 6 quality, sideshake modest, reduced sound, transmission regular
  5. Principal driving motor(AC Servo) energy: 18.5KW  2 established   
  6. Paper conveying motor       power:  2.2KW 4 set ,   
  1. Oil pump motor:            power   0.37Kw  2 set           
  2. Flying Chopping SERVO Handle Technique IS GERMANY KEB
  4. CZPT: HRB, rolling bearing unit: zHangCZPTg jingrun   


Construction features:

  1. Layout speed: 150m/min, the stacker is managed by pc, which can precisely calculate the amount of paperboard, and can details fold and adjust above instantly.
  2. Fix the problem of inaccurate synthetic rely, decrease the load of personnel, conserve labour, and enhance the velocity of the device
  3. Adopt variable frequency motor, frequency conversion management overlying transmission of paperboard, synchronize with manufacturing line routinely.
  4. Adopt pneumatic baffle separation, CZPT damage to paperboard, adopt conveyor belt to transmission the entire breadth, when achieving the scheduled portions, the paper board will be moved out steadily
  5. Backplate undertake frequency conversion shut loop controlling technique, entrance-back again, go according to the buy, and alter correctly
  6. A single established of paper supply equips with 2 sets of intensive carrier roll sheet laying table.

Packaging & Shipping and delivery

 After the device is concluded and working well, it will be coated with anti-rust oil, which makes the machine not straightforward to rust in the container, and winding movie to prevent humidity. Each and every device of the machine will be fixed in the container to make certain a stable and risk-free arrival at the spot.

Our Providers

one. OEM service are CZPT.
two. Trade Supervisor on the internet, also get in touch with by Email.
three. To remedy difficulties by photos/videos.
4. Engineers are CZPT services overseas.

PS: Typically our equipment are uneasy to broken due to the fact of our 
specialist machine producing team and rigorous QC group, we will 
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discover some simple point such as equipment servicing.

ZheJiang HangCZPTg North Pack Co.,Ltd is located in ZheJiang Province HangCZPTg CZPT, Packaging CZPT Sector Area. We are specialised in the generation of Carton packaging CZPT . We have superior creation processing equipment and high-quality technical and administration personnel. Mostly produces3/five/7 layer Corrugated Cardboard Creation Line, medium and substantial pace FLEXO Ink Printing Machine, Slotting Device, Die-reducing Equipment, Stitching Equipment, Gluing Device, stitching equipment and other related collection equipment. Our organization has the import and export legal rights, items have been exported to Russia, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, India, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Mesico, Brazil and other international locations and areas.



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We are equally a factory and a buying and selling business in this field .

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We usually acknowledge the T/T payment, we want thirty% of total quantity as deposit, 
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Our factory found in HangCZPTg CZPT, ZheJiang Province, China., around to the 
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Three Layer Corrugated Cardboard Production Line