Small Hub Electric DC Brushless Gear Motor Without Brush

Small Hub Electric DC Brushless Gear Motor Without Brush

15W ~ 400W Brushless DC Motor with Gearbox

Brushless DC motor (BLDC) is made up of motor and driver, which is a type of common item of mechanical and electrical and electrical integration. It is higher regarded by market as its small quantity, low sound, high efficiency, broad selection of velocity management and continual functioning state with much less inaccuracy. 



Motor voltage, energy and velocity will be CZPT according to your request under the permitted circumstance of adoptable dimension.

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About Greensky Mechanical

  • Background:  Greensky Mechanical was founded in 2012 with getting of a 15 year outdated cooperative manufacturing unit in ZHangCZPTg Province. Greensky Electrical power brought new administration notion to the new joint business and increase the top quality of the motors as Greensky Energy only offers ideal good quality and best service to the society. 
  • Introduce: Greensky Mechanical Co., ltd is a subsidiary organization of Greensky Electrical power which is generating micro AC and DC equipment motor, little AC gear motor, precision planetary gearbox for servo motor, and it has ability to design and style and produce the micro motor, CZPT motor and precision gearbox, motor controller with high quality.
  • Philosophy:We save cost by increasing the efficiency of production and supply. “When and forever” is our objective to provide clients in the planet. When we do organization with buyer, we will do company forever.


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On the internet site you can find a range of renewable merchandise including ac/dc motor, induction motor, reversible motor, brake motor, pace handle motor, ac angel motor, equipment motor, planetary gearbox, worm gearbox and their relevant factors.

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Motor Dimensions Rated Power Voltage (V) Rated Existing Rated Velocity Rated Torque Lifestyle
Grade Safety
60mm 10W 220~230 / a hundred~a hundred and twenty .2A / .45A 3000RPM .03N.m >5000 IP65
15W 12  / 24  / 310  1.56A/.78A/.06A 2000RPM .072N.m >5000 IP65
100~a hundred and twenty / 220~230  .35A / .65A 3000RPM .047N.m
25W 24  / 36  / 48  one.3A / .9A / .7A 3000RPM .08N.m >5000 IP65
30W 12  / 24  / 310  three.13A /1.56A /.12A 2000RPM .143N.m >5000 IP65
60W 24  / 310  three.13A / .24A 2000RPM .287N.m >5000 IP65
80mm 25W 110~one hundred twenty / 220~230  .65A / .35A 3000RPM .08N.m >5000 IP65
40W 110~120 / 220~230  one.00A / .55A 3000RPM .127N.m >5000 IP65
60W 24  / 36  / 48  3.2A /two.1A /one.6A 3000RPM .19N.m >5000 IP65
80W 24  / 310  .17A / .32A 2000RPM .382N.m >5000 IP65
120W 24  / 310  six.25A / .48A 2000RPM .573N.m >5000 IP65
180W 24  / 310  nine.38A / .73A 2000RPM .86N.m >5000 IP65
90mm 40W one hundred ten~a hundred and twenty / 220~230  .8A / .4A 3000RPM .127N.m >5000 IP65
60W one hundred ten~a hundred and twenty / 220~230  one.2A / .6A 3000RPM .191N.m >5000 IP65
90W 110~one hundred twenty / 220~230  one.8A / .9A 3000RPM .286N.m >5000 IP65
100W 24  / 310  5.21A / .4A 2000RPM .478N.m >5000 IP65
200W 24  / 310  five.21A / .81A 2000RPM .955N.m >5000 IP65
24  / 36  / 48  ten.5A / 7A / five.2A 3000RPM .64N.m
300W 36  / 48  / 72  ten.5A / 8A / five.5A 3000RPM .96N.m >5000 IP65
400W 24  / 310  twenty.83A / one.61A 2000RPM 1.91N.m >5000 IP65
36  / 48  / 72  14A / ten.5A / 7A 3000RPM one.27N.m
Equipment Ratio one: 3 /3.six/five/6/7.five/nine/twelve.5/fifteen/eighteen/25/thirty/36/fifty/60/75/90/one hundred/120/150/one hundred eighty/two hundred

Small Hub Electric DC Brushless Gear Motor Without Brush