Russia Motor 2.2kw Electric Motor for Cement Plant

Russia Motor 2.2kw Electric Motor for Cement Plant

Skilled to make Russia Motor 2.2KW CZPT Motor for cement plant

Vibrator motor,as the basic vibrating supply,its charactering is light-weight weigh,small volume,easy adjustment of vibrating force.They can be vibrating supply for vibrating conveyor,vibrating feeder,vibrating screens,filter concrete varieties,vibrating polisher,vibrating drier and near-evidence device for block during vibrating and so on.,extensively used in mining,metallurgy,coal sector,electrical electricity,design,chemical business,casting,foodstuff and gentle industry ect.The winding is produced by copper wire absolutely,nodular solid iron utilized for the housings of substantial electrical power units,which can made the gear sturdy ,improve the capacity of the intergral gear to deal with the content.


1.Vibration resistant and albe to face up to temperatures up to 180°C hundred%continous procedure is guaranteed,even when the equipment operating at total centrifugal drive.

three.prolonged service existence and really lower routine maintenance requirements

Concrete vibrator motor,work with concrete vibrator shaft or poker or vibrator hose, Is appropriate to the commodity concrete, widely applies to the bridge, the harbor design, the huge-scale dam, the drinking water wheel energy plant, the higher amount building foundation pours into publish picket, crowded reinforcing metal bar net coagulation filth wall and major and medium little architectural engineering.


For electric powered motor

Product Motor Sort Voltage Electrical power Frequency Pace Bodyweight Dimension
RV10   42V one.0KW fifty/60HZ 3000rpm 12kg 36.5x24x33.5cm
RV14   42V one.4KW 50/60HZ 3000rpm 12.5kg 36.5x24x33.5cm
RV16 brushless 42V one.6KW fifty/60HZ 3000rpm 14.5kg 36.5x24x33.5cm
RV1400   220V one.4KW 50/60HZ 3000rpm 15kg 36.5x24x33.5cm
RV1600   220V 1.6KW fifty/60HZ 3000rpm 16kg 36.5x24x33.5cm
RV2200   220V 2.2KW 50/60HZ 3000rpm 19kg 36.5x24x33.5cm
RV160 brush motor 220V 1.6KW fifty/60HZ 3000rpm 7kg 41x22x22cm

For electrical vibrator hose

Design Vibrating CZPT Vibration Vibration Amplitude Adaptable Shaft Dia. Hose Dia. Hose Size
CV-28 28mmx45mm   .9mm 12mm 32mmx18mm 3m,four.5m,6m
CV-32 32mmx47mm 158-200HZ 1.1mm 12mm 32mmx18mm 3m,four.5m,6m
CV-38 38mmx47mm   one.6mm 12mm 32mmx18mm 3m,four.5m,6m
CV-51 51mmx44mm   1.8mm 14mm 36mmx20mm 3m,four.5m,6m,9m
CV-76 76mmx45mm one hundred fifty-200HZ 2.0mm 14mm 36mmx20mm 3m,4.5m,6m,9m

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Russia Motor 2.2kw Electric Motor for Cement Plant