Quality Automated Electric Fan Motor Stator Testing Machine for Induction Motor Winding Test

Quality Automated Electric Fan Motor Stator Testing Machine for Induction Motor Winding Test

High quality electric motor Stator Testing Machine-Motor stator Screening system products manufacturer and supplier

As high good quality motor stator testing equipment company and supplier, we can give stator tests devices, rotor testing machines, motor screening products, brushless motor tests systems, etc. The motor stator screening device adopts automated stator testing system, can take a look at a assortment of stators of different specifications, and is suited induction motor, solitary-stage motor, 3-section motor, pump motor, compressor motor, washing device motor, admirer motor, and so forth. Configure self-analysis and distant computerized upgrade capabilities to aid later program updates and maintenance.

I. Stator Screening machine introduction

1. Design: ND-STA-856F
2. Take a look at object: electric motor stator
three. Testing stations: double check station
four. Clamping manner: manually

II. Testing Machine Functions

1. Linux functioning system, skilled management computer software, simple interface
two. CZPT geared up with code scHangCZPT operate (optional geared up with code scanner)
three. CZPT outfitted with yellow, inexperienced and purple indicating gentle. Yellow-in test, green-go, and purple-fail.
4. Temperature payment: immediately converted the tested price to that under standard temperature.
5. The test time for one particular stator is less than 8s.
six. The left station and right station can function separately to boost the tests effectiveness.
seven. The light-weight and audio alarm will be activated in case of any equipment failure or the stator fails the check.
8. The colour of the testing method is aluminum main coloration.
9. Multiple interfaces: USB, LAN, CAN, RS232.
10. Assist to join with the MES technique (creation management system).

III. Take a look at products

AC Hipot 3KV,insulation resistance, surge 3KV, wingding resistance.

IV. Software Operate Description:

one. All the tests items can be chosen or unselected as required.
2. The amount of model can be created up to one thousand groups.
3. The threshold price of each and every product can be entered and saved for a prolonged time. For the inductance and resistance, the technique has the purpose of environment, displaying and identifying the unbalanced degree.
four. Two alternatives are CZPT in case of the examined stator are unsuccessful the test: “continue to check” and “end the test”. If the winding resistance check shows fail, the check can be stopped until finally tests all three windings.
five. The screening info are saved in the data foundation, like the barcode info and take a look at result.
6. All the screening information can be saved in the screening method or exported in the structure of Excel through the USB flash travel.
seven. Person permission environment allows the administrator and person have diverse permission to established the screening knowledge.

V. CZPT parameters:
1. AC Hipot:utilize AC high voltage between winding and iron core, and check the existing of testing loop.

output voltage setting selection/precision AC five hundred~3000V±(2%×setting benefit+10V)
breakdown present tests selection/precision .10~20.00mA±(two%×display price+.05mA)
Hipot present presetting alarm selection Max: .ten~twenty.00mA Min: .00~20.00mA
Hipot present/resolution ±(2%×display value+.05 mA).01 mA
test time assortment/resolution .five~999.9s .1s/stage
arc detection ~nine quality

two. Insulation Resistance:apply DC high voltage amongst winding and iron main and examine the insulation resistance of tests loop.

output voltage environment selection/precision DC 500V/1000V ±(2%×setting price+10V)
insulation resistance tests variety/precision


≤100MΩ:±(three%×setting value+.5MΩ) >100 MΩ:±(5%×setting value+5MΩ)

insulation resistance alarm setting range Max: ~500MΩ Min: one~100MΩ
test time selection/resolution .five~999s .1s/phase

three. Surge:implement impulse large voltage to windings, and examine the oscillation graph with the saved graph.

output voltage location assortment/precision 500~3000V ±(three%×setting worth+10V)
sampling frequency 100MHz
waveform comparison

spot, region variation, corona and phase

3 waveforms exhibited in the screening interface

four. DC winding resistance:four-wire resistance measuring strategy. Use DC recent to the windings and check the temperature and winding resistance underneath present atmosphere. The resistance will be converted to the price underneath selected temperature(typically 20ºC or 25ºC) immediately.

testing range and precision 10.0mΩ~20KΩ±(.3%×display price+3 words) temperature payment can be established.
take a look at time variety/resolution .5~999s .1s/stage
resolution .001 ohm
temperature probe/variety DS18b20 -10.0ºC~+50.0ºC
precision ±0.5°C(range: -10ºC~+50ºC)

VI. Photograph display

Quality Automated Electric Fan Motor Stator Testing Machine for Induction Motor Winding Test