Ms-1530t Desktop CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Ms-1530t Desktop CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Desktop Plasma CNC chopping equipment

Desktop Plasma CNC slicing device is primarily utilised in all types of metallic plates (such as: carbon metal, stainless metal, aluminum, lower alloy metal, aluminum alloy), but also in the sophisticated pattern of the previously mentioned supplies Processing.

CZPT Specification

Merchandise Title

Desktop Plasma CNC cutting device



Control System

Fang Ling F2100B


fifty seven Stepper Motor



Slicing Manner

Plasma Chopping

Plasma Torch Fuel

Compressed air/N2/O2

Doing work Spot


Cutting thickness


Chopping velocity


Operation precision



Primary Attributes:

one.Cross beam driving design, allows a much more secure equilibrium motion, steer clear of the head declining thanks to gravity

2.Realistic cutting location: effective one.5m*3.0m, ideal most frequent sheet 4ft*8ft

3.Gentle and smart, no mounted spot occupation, sustain cutting on sheet immediately

4.Straightforward composition, effortless for packing, shipping and delivery, set up and disassemble

five.All round processing alloy base, guarantee light and exact, no base shape deformation

six.Cross beam and rail each with linear guide, high precision excellent stability relocating

seven.With motor enable/disable button, make sure operator and machine security and commence placement random pick,help save material conserve time.


Ms-1530t Desktop CNC Plasma Cutting Machine