EVA AC Reversible 25W 80mm Gear Motor

EVA AC Reversible 25W 80mm Gear Motor


Reversible motor has a friction brake at the back again of the motor physique&comma which is designed for apps in which reversal of path is often essential&interval The reversible motor is like induction motor that commenced by the capacitor and has a identical torque attribute with the induction motor&interval But the reversible motor is created with a higher starting up torque to improve the instantaneous reversal functions&comma

Technical specs
one&period of time Dimensions of unit&colon Dia 80mm
2&interval Rated Electricity&colon 25W
three&period Voltage&colon 220V-230V
four&period of time CCC&comma CE&comma UL&comma CU
five&period of time Can be CZPT

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Design Voltage
Rated Power
Rated Current
Rated Speed
Rated Torque
Capacitor   uF
4RK25GN-A 100 25 .fifty nine 1250 .200 ten
.sixty nine 1550 .a hundred sixty five
4RK25GN-E one hundred ten twenty five .45 1550 .one hundred sixty five 8.
120 .fifty
4RK25GN-C  220  25  0.29  1250  0.200  2.two
230  0.thirty
4RK25GN-H  220  25  0.35  1550  0.one hundred sixty five  2.two
230  0.35

EVA AC Reversible 25W 80mm Gear Motor