Disposable Medical Masks Machine Manufacturers

Disposable Medical Masks Machine Manufacturers

Mask cover making device is a kind of the greatest superior tools that developed by demand from customers of the house and overseas marketplace. It can make make steady,much more successful,far more stable,practical and correct counting,effortless work and power conserving.Form of the confront mask welding fleurie is even and limpid,depth showing no variation,do not get rid of tooth,lack of tooth and welding pace fast.Two sides of the encounter mask are tidy,no bearding,no wrinkle.This device is 1 of the best suitable type to generate one-move experience mask(this equipment principal transmission has two kinds of the strength saving sort frequency conversion modify speed and speed motor change speed.

Performance And Qualities”
This device produces non-woven experience mask body and belt automatically from raw materials to completed mask  

  1. Metal structure  
  2. High security and output 
  3. Computerized stress management system 
  4. Adjustable ultrasonic unit 
  5. Adjustable velocity handle system 
  6. Produce non woven confront mask automatically from raw substance to finished product.
  7. Inserting nose wire,then forming,sealing and slicing ,ear belt ,concluded mask blank.
  8. The dimensions of mask blank can adjust according to clients prerequisite.With motor
  9. frequency adjustment panel and functioning button manage

CZPT Parameters :

Machine Model ZDMK500 
Concluded Solution size 17*nine.five cm (according to the needs of our buyers)
Capability a hundred-120 pcs/min
Voltage  220 V
Energy 3.1 KW
Device Weight  513 KG,A single is 360 KG, one more is153 KG
Device Dimension 3380mm*520mm*1850mm (L*W*H)
Concluded product dimension   2200mm*900mm*1200mm (L*W*H)
2200mm*900mm*1600mm (L*W*H)

Configuration checklist

No. Goods name Quantity
1 Ultrasonic  1 piece
2 Ultrasonic welding flux  3 pieces
3 Non-woven fabric cutting blade  2 pieces
4 Retarder  1 piece
5 CZPT machinery  1 piece 

CZPT components list :

No. Item quantity
one Knife blade  2 pieces
2 Digital tape 1 piece
three Belt 1 piece
4 tungsten wire  1 meter
5 adjustable wrench  1 set
5 allen wrench  1 set 
6 Screwdriver  1 piece
7 Instruction 1 piece
8 Welding equipment 1 piece

MASK BELT Creating Equipment Component:


Model-ZDMKB Earing belt On Mask Generating Device 

Equipment Picture :

Solution :

Performance and characteristics :

With aluminum rack motor,variable frenquency and adjustable pace, organic and natural glass or stainless metal shell,and ultrasonic welding the finished device CZPT paint.
CZPT Parameters:

Product Model-ZDMKB
Electricity 2KW (220V 3PHASE 50HZ)
Machine Dimensions   1350×700×1150MM(L*W*H)
Finished Merchandise Measurement   1410×760×1170MM(L*W*H)
Gross 240kg
Created speed 50-60pcs/min


Disposable Medical Masks Machine Manufacturers