China wholesaler Factory Direct Supply Motor Slide Base with Great quality

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Factory Direct Supply Motor Slide Base

Motor bases series absorb the advanced technology home and abroad, integrated with characteristics of all kinds of motors. This product is made of high quality steel plate. It is suitable for different kinds of motors with compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy installation and flexible tension adjustment.



SMA Common Motor Base

Galvanization finish, with split plates sliding, it is convenient for bolts fixing of motors.

Fixing and adjustment of all series motors.


Our door accessory factory is a professional and successful manufacturer of gate hardware which are used for sliding gate wheel, swing gate and cantilever gate wheel. By endless hard-working and innovation in the past years, our company has become the leading producer of this industry in China. We are backed by powerful technology and production, (high-speed) stamping machines, track making machines, wire cutting machines, milling machines, tooling making team, technical team, production staffs, aggressive management and sales team who has shown dedicated performance standards and made us experienced supplier to the international frontiers. To pursue market opportunity actively and meet the customer demands in great extent, our company keeps improving the products with more specifications and varieties. The marketing coverage is steadily expanding. Enjoying good reputation from all the customers worldwide, we are the reliable partner you can trust in China.


Q1: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A: We are factory.

Q2: How long is your delivery time and shipment?
1.Sample Lead-times: generally 10 workdays.
2.Production Lead-times: 15-20 workdays after getting your deposit.

Q3. What is your terms of payment?
A: T/T 30% as deposit, and 70% before delivery.
We’ll show you the photos of the products and packages before you pay the balance.

Q4: What is your advantages?
1. Manufacturer,the most competitive price and good quality.
2. Perfect technical engineers give you the best support.
3. OEM is available.
4. Rich stock and quick delivery.

Q5. If you can’t find the product on our website,what do you next?
Please send us inquiry with product pictures and drawings by email or other ways and we’ll check


Condition: New
Certification: CE
Standard: ANSI
Customized: Customized
Material: Steel
Application: Metal Recycling Machine, Metal Cutting Machine, Metal Straightening Machinery, Metal Spinning Machinery, Metal forging Machinery, Metal Engraving Machinery, Metal Drawing Machinery
US$ 50/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




Can motor slide bases be used in outdoor or harsh environmental conditions?

Motor slide bases are designed to be versatile and durable, capable of withstanding a range of environmental conditions. While they are primarily used in indoor installations, some motor slide bases are specifically designed for outdoor or harsh environmental conditions. Here’s a detailed explanation of the use of motor slide bases in outdoor or harsh environmental conditions:

1. Outdoor-Specific Designs:

There are motor slide bases available that are specifically designed for outdoor installations. These slide bases incorporate features and materials that provide resistance to environmental elements such as moisture, UV radiation, and temperature fluctuations. They may have protective coatings or finishes to enhance their durability and resistance to corrosion and weathering.

2. Weatherproof Construction:

Motor slide bases suitable for outdoor or harsh environments often have weatherproof construction. They are engineered to prevent the ingress of water, dust, or other contaminants that can compromise the motor’s performance and longevity. Weatherproof features may include sealed bearing housings, gaskets, or protective covers that shield the motor and slide base from external elements.

3. Corrosion Resistance:

In harsh environments, corrosion can be a significant concern. Motor slide bases designed for outdoor or corrosive environments are constructed using materials that offer high corrosion resistance. Stainless steel or other non-corrosive materials are commonly used to ensure the slide base can withstand exposure to moisture, chemicals, or corrosive gases present in the environment.

4. Temperature Tolerance:

Outdoor or harsh environments often experience extreme temperature variations. Motor slide bases suitable for such conditions are designed to withstand a wide temperature range. They may incorporate heat-resistant materials or thermal insulation to protect the motor and slide base from temperature-related issues, such as expansion, contraction, or heat-induced degradation.

5. IP Ratings:

In some cases, motor slide bases are assigned an Ingress Protection (IP) rating. IP ratings indicate the degree of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects (like dust) and liquids (such as water) into the equipment. Slide bases with higher IP ratings offer enhanced protection against environmental factors, making them suitable for outdoor or harsh environments where exposure to dust, water, or other contaminants is likely.

6. Environmental Considerations:

When using motor slide bases in outdoor or harsh environments, it’s essential to consider other environmental factors such as vibration, shock, or exposure to chemicals. Some slide bases are specifically designed to withstand these conditions and have additional features like shock absorption or chemical resistance to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

In summary, while motor slide bases are primarily used in indoor installations, there are slide bases available that are designed for outdoor or harsh environmental conditions. These slide bases incorporate outdoor-specific designs, weatherproof construction, corrosion resistance, temperature tolerance, IP ratings, and other environmental considerations. By selecting the appropriate slide base for the specific environmental conditions, motors can be effectively installed and operated in outdoor or harsh environments while maintaining performance and reliability.

China wholesaler Factory Direct Supply Motor Slide Base   with Great quality China wholesaler Factory Direct Supply Motor Slide Base   with Great quality
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