China Professional Reliable Quality MB Type Motor Pedestal Motor Base MB Type56, MB Type 66, MB Type 143, MB Type 145, MB Type 182, MB Type 184, MB Type 213, MB Type 215 vacuum pump electric

Product Description

Reliable Quality SMA Common Adjustable Motor Base SMA210B , SMA210 , SMA270 , SMA307,SMA340,SMA380,SMA430,SMA450,SMA490

Product Description

Motor Base, SMA Common Motor Base, China Motor Base


1 Good quality with competitive prices. 
2 Prompt delivery 
3 International Approvals

4 Characteristics: galvanization finish, with split plates sliding.

5 Standard types have more than 10 sliding size ranges


China Motor base manufacturer & exporter, we specialize in:  Adjustable Motor Bases & Motor Mounts, Sliding motor bases, Motor Rails.


Product name Motor Base, MB Common Motor Base, China Motor Base
Model number MB Type56,MB Type 66,MB Type 143,MB Type 145,MB Type 182,MB Type 184,MB Type 213,MB Type 215
AL:Length(mm) 10-5/8,12,10-1/2,12-3/4,15
AM:Width(mm) 6-1/2,8-1/2,7-1/2,8-1/2,9-1/2,10-1/2,11,12-1/2,

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Other Types of  Motor Base:

          DHA Motor Rail Track Series                       SMA Common Adjustable Motor Base                         MP Motor Base




We use standard export wooden case, carton and pallet, but we can also pack it as per your special requirements.


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A: Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge but do not pay the cost of freight.

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A: Payment=1000USD, 30% T/T in advance ,balance before shippment.
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Application: Track Series Motor Bases, Bases
Material: Steel
Structure: Motor Base, Motor Slide Base
Running Mode: Moving
Feature: Insulating
Certification: ISO 9001:2000
US$ 0.1/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




motor base

What role does a motor slide base play in reducing vibration and noise from motors?

A motor slide base plays a significant role in reducing vibration and noise generated by motors. It helps minimize the negative effects of vibration and noise on both the motor itself and the surrounding environment. Here’s a detailed explanation of the role of a motor slide base in reducing vibration and noise:

1. Vibration Isolation:

Motor slide bases are designed to isolate and dampen vibrations produced by the motor during operation. They act as a buffer between the motor and the mounting surface, absorbing and dissipating vibrations that result from motor rotation and mechanical forces. By providing a resilient and vibration-absorbing platform, the slide base helps prevent the transmission of excessive vibrations to the surrounding structure and equipment, reducing the overall noise levels.

2. Sturdy Mounting and Alignment:

A motor slide base ensures secure mounting and precise alignment of the motor. Proper alignment is crucial for minimizing vibration and noise generation. When a motor is misaligned, it can result in increased mechanical stresses, uneven load distribution, and unwanted vibration. The slide base provides adjustable brackets or mounting plates that allow for accurate alignment of the motor, ensuring that it operates smoothly and reduces the occurrence of vibrations and associated noise.

3. Resonance Control:

Resonance can occur when the natural frequency of the motor and its mounting system coincides with external forces or vibrations. This resonance can amplify vibrations and noise, leading to performance issues and potential damage. Motor slide bases are designed to minimize the risk of resonance by providing a stable and properly supported platform for the motor. The design of the slide base takes into account factors such as material selection, stiffness, and damping characteristics to help control and mitigate resonance effects.

4. Dampening Mechanical Vibrations:

In addition to isolating motor vibrations, motor slide bases can also help dampen mechanical vibrations and noise resulting from the interaction between the motor and driven equipment. They provide a stable foundation that minimizes the transmission of vibrations from the motor to connected machinery. By reducing the overall mechanical vibrations, the slide base contributes to a quieter and smoother operation of the motor and the surrounding equipment.

5. Enhanced Structural Support:

A motor slide base provides enhanced structural support for the motor, helping to prevent excessive movement, flexing, or resonance that can lead to increased vibration and noise. By providing a stable and rigid mounting platform, the slide base reduces the potential for vibrations to propagate throughout the motor and its surrounding environment, resulting in a quieter operation.

In summary, a motor slide base plays a crucial role in reducing vibration and noise from motors. It isolates and dampens vibrations, ensures proper alignment, controls resonance, dampens mechanical vibrations, and provides enhanced structural support. By employing a motor slide base, the overall noise and vibration levels can be significantly reduced, improving the performance, reliability, and comfort of motor-driven systems.

motor base

Can motor slide bases be adjusted for both horizontal and vertical motor installations?

Yes, motor slide bases can be adjusted for both horizontal and vertical motor installations. These adjustable bases offer flexibility to accommodate different motor orientations based on the specific requirements of the application. Here’s a detailed explanation of how motor slide bases can be adjusted for both horizontal and vertical motor installations:

1. Horizontal Adjustability:

Motor slide bases are primarily designed to provide horizontal adjustability. They allow for precise positioning and alignment of the motor along the horizontal axis. By loosening the mounting bolts on the slide base, the motor can be moved horizontally along the base to achieve the desired position and alignment with the driven equipment. This horizontal adjustability is crucial for aligning the motor shaft with the input shaft of the driven equipment, ensuring efficient power transmission and optimum performance.

2. Vertical Adjustability:

In certain applications, vertical motor installations may be required. Motor slide bases can also accommodate vertical adjustability to support such installations. While not all motor slide bases offer vertical adjustment, there are specific designs available that incorporate additional features to enable vertical positioning. These slide bases may include adjustable brackets or mounting plates that can be moved vertically to align the motor in the desired position. Vertical adjustability allows for proper alignment of the motor shaft with the driven equipment, ensuring optimal power transfer and system performance.

3. Combination of Horizontal and Vertical Adjustability:

Some motor slide bases are designed to provide both horizontal and vertical adjustability. These bases offer greater flexibility to accommodate various motor orientations and alignment requirements. They typically incorporate adjustable brackets, mounting plates, or sliding mechanisms that allow for simultaneous adjustments along both the horizontal and vertical axes. This combination of adjustability enables precise positioning and alignment of the motor in applications where both horizontal and vertical orientations are necessary.

When selecting a motor slide base for horizontal or vertical installations, it’s important to consider the specific requirements of the application and ensure that the slide base supports the desired adjustability. Different manufacturers may offer motor slide bases with varying degrees of adjustability, so it’s essential to review the product specifications and consult with the supplier to ensure compatibility with the installation needs.

In summary, motor slide bases can be adjusted for both horizontal and vertical motor installations. They provide horizontal adjustability for precise positioning and alignment along the horizontal axis, and certain designs offer vertical adjustability to support vertical motor orientations. Some motor slide bases combine both horizontal and vertical adjustability to accommodate various installation requirements. The adjustability provided by these slide bases contributes to the versatility and adaptability of motor installations in different industrial applications.

motor base

Where can individuals find reliable information about choosing and installing motor slide bases?

When it comes to choosing and installing motor slide bases, individuals can find reliable information from various sources. Here’s a detailed explanation of where to find such information:

1. Manufacturer’s Documentation and Websites:

The first and most reliable source of information is the documentation provided by motor slide base manufacturers. Manufacturers typically offer detailed product catalogs, installation guides, user manuals, and technical specifications for their motor slide bases. These documents provide comprehensive information about the features, specifications, installation procedures, and maintenance guidelines specific to their products.

Furthermore, visiting the manufacturer’s website can provide additional resources, such as FAQs, video tutorials, and application guides. Manufacturers’ websites often include valuable information about selecting the right motor slide base for specific applications, installation best practices, alignment techniques, and troubleshooting tips.

2. Industry Associations and Trade Organizations:

Industry associations and trade organizations related to the motor and machinery sectors can be excellent sources of information. These organizations often publish technical guides, standards, and educational materials that cover various aspects of motor slide bases. They may offer resources on motor alignment techniques, installation procedures, safety guidelines, and emerging trends in motor slide base technology.

Examples of such organizations include the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA), and professional associations specific to industries that heavily rely on motor-driven equipment, such as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) or the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

3. Engineering and Technical Libraries:

Engineering and technical libraries, whether physical or digital, can be valuable sources of information about motor slide bases. These libraries often house technical books, journals, research papers, and industry publications that cover a wide range of engineering topics, including motors and machinery. Consulting these resources can provide in-depth information on motor slide base selection, installation techniques, alignment principles, and case studies.

4. Online Forums and Communities:

Online forums and communities dedicated to motors, machinery, or specific industries can be helpful for gathering practical insights and experiences from professionals and enthusiasts. Participating in these forums allows individuals to ask questions, seek advice, and learn from the experiences of others who have installed or worked with motor slide bases. It’s important to verify the credibility of the information obtained from online sources and consider multiple perspectives before making decisions.

5. Consulting with Experts and Professionals:

When seeking reliable information about motor slide bases, consulting with experts and professionals in the field can be highly beneficial. This may involve engaging with motor manufacturers’ technical support teams, contacting professional engineers specializing in motor systems, or seeking assistance from certified motor service providers. These experts can provide personalized advice, recommendations, and guidance based on their knowledge and experience.

It’s important to note that while these sources provide valuable information, individuals should consider their specific application requirements, consult relevant codes and regulations, and engage in proper due diligence before selecting and installing motor slide bases.

In summary, individuals can find reliable information about choosing and installing motor slide bases from manufacturer’s documentation and websites, industry associations and trade organizations, engineering and technical libraries, online forums and communities, and by consulting with experts and professionals in the field. Accessing information from these sources can help individuals make informed decisions, ensure proper installation, and maximize the performance of motor slide bases in their applications.

China Professional Reliable Quality MB Type Motor Pedestal Motor Base MB Type56, MB Type 66, MB Type 143, MB Type 145, MB Type 182, MB Type 184, MB Type 213, MB Type 215   vacuum pump electricChina Professional Reliable Quality MB Type Motor Pedestal Motor Base MB Type56, MB Type 66, MB Type 143, MB Type 145, MB Type 182, MB Type 184, MB Type 213, MB Type 215   vacuum pump electric
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