Brushless Motor Drum for Roller Conveyor, Curving Belt Conveyors, Poly Vee, Spring Loaded, Hex Shaft Roller Drives

Brushless Motor Drum for Roller Conveyor, Curving Belt Conveyors, Poly Vee, Spring Loaded, Hex Shaft Roller Drives

Specification of the DC brushless electrical roller transmission roll motor

Swift and straightforward set up.
   Compared with the conventional reducer + motor and other electricity driving units, “CZPT” electric roller is more quickly and simpler in the installation of conveying products, necessitating only a single quarter of the set up time of the classic motor reducer system.

Risk-free procedure
Distinct from the traditional copy and combination of single system of motor reducer equipment, “CZPT” electric roller will motor, reducer and other components assembled in a sealed container human body,Only the supporting shafts at the two ends are mounted on the conveying tools to make the operation of conveying products safer.

Save a room
Different from the conventional motor push technique (usually composed of motor, reducer, push drum, bearing seat, chain and assistance),
The electrical roller assembles all the exterior factors in the identical cylinder human body and travels a easy driving unit, thus minimizing transportation
And room occupied by tools.

Minimize energy usage
Compared with “CZPT” electric powered roller, the standard exterior push technique directly transfers electrical power from the motor to the rolling surface, tremendously shortening the conduction procedure, enhancing the motor’s doing work performance up to ninety seven% and saving strength usage up to 30%.

Ensure reduced running sounds
  “CZPT” electric roller is assembled with large-high quality alloy metal grinding gear, CZPTpean common motor and rigorous tolerance.
Ensure the substantial high quality of electrical roller and extremely lower noise when managing. The noise value is considerably lower than that of electric powered roller
CZPT requirements.

Adapt to severe setting
Ip66/67’s large seal grade layout ensures that the “same way” electric powered roller is suited for use in severe circumstances (this sort of as water, dust, chemical resistance and grease and so on.). Foods grade electric roller can be washed with high strain scorching h2o.
Straightforward servicing
The electric roller is designed to be entirely sealed so that all the core elements will not be damaged by the external environment in the course of procedure.
Metal equipment electrical roller every 5000 hours to change oil, polymer equipment electric roller lifetime maintenance.
Purpose and control
The driving block that will direct the potential gives a number of productive alternatives for you, variable pace Options, continual pace (not constant load at the very same time), acceleration and deceleration time regulation.
Item Informantion
 This sort of electrical roller can be set up space and meet up with the torque is reliable,free of charge of routine maintenance and oil-renewing,space-preserving.It can be use in many fields.
CZPT roller feature
 Roller Shell
Surface rubber: wear-resistant rubber, food grade rubber, high temperature resistant silicone, insulating rubber, antistatic rubber
The roller material is divided into carbon steel pipes: Processing can be black, galvanized, chrome plated, nickel plated, aluminum alloy pipe, stainless steel
product model
The diameter of the electric roller consists of: Ф50, Ф60, Ф67, Ф80, Ф113 Ф165, Ф216
Roller power includes: 60W, 70w, 100W, 150w 200W, 250W, 300W, 400W, 500W, 550W, 750W, 1100W, 1500W
Voltage requirements are divided into: DC24, DC48V, AC200V, AC220V, AC380V
Auxiliary linkage mechanism: sprocket, V-belt pulley, O-belt pulley, multi-turn pulley, synchronous wheel, gear and brush wheel

Brushless Motor Drum for Roller Conveyor, Curving Belt Conveyors, Poly Vee, Spring Loaded, Hex Shaft Roller Drives