Automatic Control Maximum Temperature Uniformity Walk-in Oven for Metal Motors

Automatic Control Maximum Temperature Uniformity Walk-in Oven for Metal Motors

 Suitable for baking chemical fuel and foods processing sector to bake items, substrate pressure elimination, ink curing, paint film drying, electronics, electrical, communications, electroplating, plastic, metallic,composite,chemical, foods, printing, pharmaceutical, Personal computer board, powder, immersion, spraying, glass, ceramics, wooden developing supplies…… And so on the precision baking, drying, tempering, preheating, shaping, processing and so on.

Interior dimension:W2200*H2400*D2200mm
Outer dimensions:W2700*H3710*D2300mm
Heating resource:electronic
Temperature assortment:Indoor-+300ºC
Temperature uniformity:≤±300ºC(free of charge load)

Characteristics of the equipment
one,Design and style in accordance to the proportion of human engineering, straightforward procedure, modern look.
two,Argon Arc full Welding of all stainless Metal in Internal to avert dust from the device itself.
3,Distinctive air-duct style to guarantee the temperature within is uniformity
4,1st-class technology of heat &thermal insulation, sealing result is superb.
5,CZPT over-temperature defense, safer and far more trustworthy.
6,Increasing up fast, and the temperature is steady and correct.
7,The shell temperature is minimal, which has little impact on the indoor environment temperature.
8,According to the product set up a assortment of heating and air mode, energy preserving, security and environmental security.
nine,Module design and style:Every single part manipulation and operation in adaptable independently can be CZPT.

ten,Shades can be CZPT foundation on colour card.

CZPT Parameters of CZPT Oven
Variety Widespread Clean Finishing Cure Explosion-Evidence Vacuum
 Temperature selection -250ºC -350ºC -550ºC -700ºC 700ºC
Temperature Homogeneity ±1ºC ±3ºC ±5ºC ±1.five%ºC  
Heating Price <=5ºC/min <=8ºC/min <=10ºC/min 10ºC/min  
Strength Kind electrical Gas Steam Air Power Other
Heating Mode CZPT  Infrared  Other    
Chamber Single Twin A few Other  
Sheathing Materials Cold Drawing Spray-Paint Stainless S
Chamber Materials Stainless S
teel 201
Stainless S
teel 304
Galvanized Sheet Other  
Warmth Insulating Content Aluminosilicate Rock Wool Insulating Fibre-Board Firebrick Other  
Air Transportation Manner Remaining and  Proper Up and Down Entrance and Behind  Symmetrical Remaining and  Right  
Air Motor Position Prime bottom Hindside Sidepiece Other
Number of Explosion-proof CZPTs One particular Two Other    
Manual doorway Solitary CZPT CZPT CZPT Three CZPTs Other  
Automatic CZPT Revolution door Aspect Sliding CZPT Raise doorway Roll-Up CZPT Other
Cart Kind CZPT-Deck Cart Motor-Trolley Landing Cart Automatic Trolley Other
 Power Manage SSR SCR Other    
Control Manner Instrument Handle HMI Manage Network Manage Other  
Timing Method Manual  Computerized Other    
Protection Protection Operate Overtemperature   Overload  Stage Sequence   Earth Leakage Protection Other
Detection Function Temperature Thickness Flame Stress Other

Graphic wind circulation:

Single-sided supply air type CZPT-face kind CZPT-face blast with explosion-proof Thermal increasing variety
Thermal rising type Thermal radiation sort Hot air radiation Sizzling air radiation

Automatic Control Maximum Temperature Uniformity Walk-in Oven for Metal Motors